Bridging Ambition and Expertise this February with Thailand Traders Fair 2024


Get ready for an insightful event as the Thailand Traders Fair 2024 unfolds on February 3rd, 2024, at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. Going beyond a typical fair, this dynamic gathering is a hub for industry leaders, traders, investors, and financial enthusiasts. Expect a day filled with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a celebration of excellence.

A Day of Enlightenment

This event offers more than just seminars and workshops; it provides access to expertise from distinguished trading authorities. Participants will delve into key topics during the conference, including:

  • Safe Haven of Gold: Understand the role of gold as a safe haven currency during economic uncertainty.
  • Leveraging GPT for Trading Strategies: Learn how to use GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to create effective trading robot strategies.
  • Psychology and Economics in Trading: Explore the impact of trading psychology and behavioural economics on tradersโ€™ decision-making processes.

Voices Shaping Financial Frontiers:

A stellar lineup of speakers awaits, each a luminary in the financial realm, delivering seminars on pivotal topics crucial for traders and investors. Among them are Yaowalak Semathong, CEO and Founder of Bravo Trade Academy, Miss Mukmirin Srininwan, Coach at Bravo Trade Academy, Mr. Hariti Yoshmetha, Coach at Bravo Trade Academy, Warunyu Samana (Tong), Founder of TW Infinity Trade Co., Ltd, Tipok Terasopon, BOTFLIX Corporation Co., Ltd., Chief Executive Officer, Kuekul Srisirivilai, Pro Trader of Olymtrade, Warrick Palmer, Head of Business Development at Radex Markets, Panupong Sinsuwan, Co-Founder at Momentum trade, Surakiat Yawanopas, Co-Founder Alpha Academy, Nisit Noijeam, Founder of Page Mtraders, Ton Kitti, Market Analyst of Interstellar Thailand, Sirapat Thuamphiwthong, Founder AlphaStat-Trading, Yiannis Papacharalampous, COO at GVD Markets, Akarawat Rujirodratana (Ty), CEO of Master Trader Academy, Suntorn Buathong, Founder of The Trader, Pakorn Ruenrom, Business Developer at Alpha Academy, Nuch Coleman, Account Manager at AETOS Capital Group UK

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