Philippines Traders Fair 2024: Where Ambition and Expertise Unite


Manila, Philippines — Get ready for an eye-opening event as the Philippines Traders Fair 2024 unfolds on 25 May 2024, at the Edsa Shangri-La, Manila. Beyond just your usual fair, this gathering is a place where industry leaders, traders, investors, and finance enthusiasts come together. Expect a day packed with valuable insights, networking opportunities, and a celebration of excellence.

A Day of Gaining Knowledge

This event goes beyond traditional seminars and workshops; it focuses on making meaningful connections with leading experts in the field. Are you looking to learn the art of trading while working a full-time job? Are you curious about the psychological aspects of trading and how to navigate the emotional journey? Are you interested in learning more about emerging cryptocurrency trading trends? Whatever your goals or aspirations, the Philippines Traders Fair 2024 provides an opportunity for exploration and connection.

Prepare to be inspired by a diverse lineup of speakers, each a trailblazer in their respective fields, providing unique perspectives and invaluable insights to empower both traders and investors. Among them are:

Larry Collin, CTA®, CEO of Forex Trading Philippines; Jonathan Lou Reyes, Founder of PAFTI; Emmanuel Deiparine, Cryptocurrency Trader; Coach Miranda Miner, CEO of Global Miranda Miner Group and FeastGold Innovations; Gerome Lazaro, Cryptocurrency Trader and Co-founder of 8CHAIN and San Lazarus Guild; John Reinel Penetrante, Founder and CEO of Wise Investors Ph, Professional Trader, Investment Coach, and COO and Operations Lead of Izanagi Trading Systems; Valentino A Mendoza, Senior Trader and TESDA Certified Forex Derivative Trading Level II Trainer; Lloyd Bazar, Trading Expert, Fund Manager at Izanagi, and Investment Coach; Michael Angelo Geron (Crit G), President and Founder of Gainers Ground; Jem Francisco, Founder of The Holistic Trading Strategy in Stocks & Crypto Markets, CEO of CI Program & EA 888 Global; Fermin Barrenechea, Co-Founder of Museigen Training Academy, Inc; John James C. Genove, BS CsC, RBE ‘Registered Blockchain Educator’; Mary Olidem Diño, Junior Coach at Trader Development; and Bobby Winters, Co-founder of FXIFY and CEO of FXPIG.

For those eager to join this transformative experience, detailed event information, speaker opportunities, and media partnerships await at or via email at [email protected].

Join us in shaping the future of finance. The Philippines Traders Fair 2024 is where ambition meets expertise, and new horizons emerge. Don’t miss out on this transformative experience!

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